Automation of transport and telecommunication systems

Constructing the equipment related to rail transport, telecommunications, and information systems. Design and implementation of railway interlocking equipment.

Radio networks

The benefits of radio communication will be appreciated by all those for whom the real-time operational decision making is a top priority when managing production processes or transport. We have extensive experience in implementing radio systems. The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority.

Railway interlocking equipment

Railway interlocking equipment is constantly being improved and modernised. Our employees install the latest equipment designed to increase the safety of passengers and goods transported by rail. The consistency and quality of our work is daily made use of and relied upon by railway workers.

Communication equipment

Communication, information and data make the world go round. Passengers and employees need timely and high-quality information. We install new equipment and replace outdated equipment that no longer meets the requirements of modern times. We use the top quality technology and equipment from the world´s leading brands.

ADTS, s.r.o.

Our activities

Design, implementation and installation of the new system technology related to the signalling, interlocking and information equipment

Reconstruction of existing interlocking and telecommunication equipment and cabling

Service and repairs of interlocking or telecommunication system technology, its individual components and cabling, complex measurements and inspections of technology and cabling

ADTS, s.r.o.

Our cooperation

Our company cooperates with other companies in the field of telecommunication, railway, communication and information systems