ADTS, s.r.o.

Company policy


ADTS, s.r.o. = Professionalism + Consistency + Experience + Efficiency + Optimum price


With a professional and consistent approach, many years of experience, efficient implementation of projects and provision of services with respect to the environment and occupational health and safety at an optimum price, we ensure the highest quality of offered and implemented projects.

Management commitment

The management of ADTS, s.r.o. hereby undertakes to ensure the availability of all necessary resources for the preparation, implementation, permanent development and improvement of an integrated management system, take decisions and measures with an emphasis on pollution prevention, prevention of injuries and damage to the health of employees, and at the same time create conditions for complying with relevant legislative requirements and regulations.

In Žilina, on 1 March 2012 Ing. Miroslav Šugár – managing director

ADTS, s.r.o.

The Policy of ADTS, s.r.o.

  1. At the centre of our efforts is the customer, on whose purchase orders our existence is dependent, we place emphasis on a clear understanding and fulfilment of the customer’s requirements and expectations.
  2. We consider the professional and consistent approach of all our workers, as well as our environmental behaviour and our approach to occupational safety and health, to be the basis of success in achieving stakeholder satisfaction.
  3. By effectively managing our processes, mutually related activities and making decisions based on facts, we pursue the company’s strategy.
  1. Correct partnership relations with suppliers are an integral part and a prerequisite for the effective implementation of projects and services.
  2. When carrying out any activities, we take into account the environment, occupational safety and health, and we are aware of the importance of complying with all legal regulations and legislative requirements.
  3. Every day, we strive for continuous improvement in the field of automation of transport and telecommunication systems, constantly increasing environmental awareness as well as constantly increasing performance while maintaining a high level of occupational safety and health, whereby we want to contribute to the development of the region where we do our business.