ADTS, s.r.o.

About us

About us

Corporate history

The “Automation of transport and telecommunication systems” company (abbreviated as ADTS) focuses on constructing the equipment related to rail transport, telecommunications, and information systems.

When carrying out our activities, we make the most of our previous experience in designing, building and constructing the railway interlocking equipment, level crossing interlocking equipment, station communication equipment and track interlocking equipment, as well as in designing, laying and installation of local and long-distance railway and telecommunication cables /standard and fibre optic cables/. Our partners and employees came from the AŽD company and have extensive and long-term experience with working in this type of companies.

The aim of our business activity is to provide top quality services. At the centre of our efforts is the customer, on whose purchase orders our existence is dependent.

Our activities result in customer satisfaction. The quality of our products and services must meet the needs of our customers better than comparable products and services of our competitors.

ADTS, s.r.o.

Our aim is to provide you with a quality service relating to:

the design, implementation and installation of the new system technology related to the signalling, interlocking and information equipment

the reconstruction of existing interlocking and telecommunication equipment and cabling

the service and repairs of interlocking or telecommunication system technology, its individual components and cabling, complex measurements and inspections of technology and cabling

The company management fully understands how important the quality is for the further development of the company and promises to create all the material, technical and financial conditions required by the quality system at work.

For all of the areas mentioned above we will provide you with:

technical consulting, design, installation, service