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Metrotech 9800 measuring device

The line locator from the Metrotech® 9800 series provides the user with a wide range of options for use in a variety of locating applications. The device features functional design and electronics at the highest level of technical development.

Depending on the model, the 9800 series transmitter generates one to three frequencies that are transmitted to the cable or pipe whose route needs to be determined (lines and cables hereinafter referred to as “conductors”). This signal is traced along the conductor and it decreases its strength as the distance from the transmitter increases.

Using the relative measurement of the current on the conductor, it is possible to reliably distinguish the conductor to which we are sending the signal from the neighbouring conductor, regardless of its depth of installation. Measuring the depth of the conductor is carried out by pushing the arrow button. A patented system of continuous real-time gain adjustment ensures the appropriate strength of the signal response.

The receiver operates in both active and passive modes. The active frequencies with which the receiver can operate are:

  • 982 Hz
  • 9.82 kHz
  • 82 kHz


The receiver can also be used separately in two passive modes for detecting a 50 Hz field and 14-22 kHz radio frequencies.
The maximum tracing distance depends on the method of connection, the characteristics of the ground in which the conductor is laid and the type and depth of the conductor installation. Metrotech has developed and incorporated features such as automatic impedance matching, “best” frequency selection, current measurement and automatic signal strength evaluation into the new 9800 locator, providing the user with optimal information for the specific situation being measured.